Dzień dobryHola! Bonjour! I’m Khryslyn. In my “professional” time, you will normally find me in the lab.  But apart from that, I am also a passionate traveler, adventure seeker, music and food lover by heart. 🙂 Poland, Spain, and France have been my second home for the past 1.5 years as I’m pursuing an advanced degree in the field of energy storage while doing what makes me happy the most: traveling and eating. 😉 I’m also easily drawn to any music I hear, whether it be in the streets, in a subway, or really anywhere! I love to sing Spanish songs even though I only understand some words. 😝 In fact, I’m actually a closet singer. 😉 Welcome to our page and I hope you enjoy reading the stories of our adventures or misadventures!


Hola! Ciao! Hello mate (*Scottish accent*)! I’m Keith and I like to copy everything that my sister does and I especially love it when it drives her mad 😉 Well I’m no rocket scientist like her (I seriously won’t survive in a lab, my nose literally bled during one of my chemistry lab classes 😛 ) but I am an engineer, I am my sister’s copycat after all 😀 I grew up in the Philippines but have been living in Europe (I know you’re smart enough to guess where 😉 ) for the past 1.5 years as I’m pursuing a master’s degree, of course apart from the fact that I like to follow my sister around 😉 Welcome to our page! 😀   


P.S. We don’t like emojis 😉 😉 😉