El Clásico: Ronaldo vs. Messi


The first highlight of our European journey was seeing Ronaldo and Messi play against each other on what is the dream of many football fans, to watch El Clásico. It is one of the most anticipated football events, a match between the two rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona. Everything started with just a dream. But when Keith got the chance to live in Madrid and Khryslyn was residing in Toulouse, we knew it was the right time for us to make that dream a reality.

Getting the Tickets. Or Losing Them!!!

The moment we found out the date of the match and the release of the tickets, we did everything we could to make sure that we could get the tickets that we wanted. Keith even subscribed as a member of the Real Madrid club (and paid a 30 Euro fee!) which was the host for the upcoming match, to get early access to the tickets. The day the tickets were released for club members came and Keith was eagerly waiting in front of her laptop, more than ready to click and purchase. But of course, the moment she clicked on those links, tickets were already soldout!!!

Anyway, as always, giving up is not in our vocabulary. We knew that more tickets will be sold on a later date to regular fans. So the next step for us was to find out how to get a hold of these tickets before they sell out again. Rather than just relying online, Keith also went to Santiago Bernabeu to see our options of also purchasing the elusive tickets there. Well surprise surprise no more tickets available there as well! We were told by the staff of the stadium to check online from time to time ‘coz some tickets may pop out randomly as some fans decide to return theirs. True enough, tickets did appear from time to time but also disappeared as soon as they showed up!

It was only about a week into the match with still no luck and we were contemplating on whether to purchase on Viagogo or other sites that sell the tickets for about 3 to 10 times their face value (which we find so unfair!!!). So, being the go-getter that we are, we just  patiently and painstakingly checked on the official website until 3 days into the event, we finally got the PERFECT tickets at a face value price! Good things come to those who wait (and work) indeed. Third row from the field (beat that!), anyone would kill for that spot! We gotta say, getting those tickets was no joke!

Ronaldo and Messi in One Photo ❤

The Most Awaited Day

Into the match day! We could not believe that what was once a game that we only used to watch on TV back home in the Philippines has come to unfold in front of our eyes. Being able to watch them play in the flesh (not to mention on front row seats!) was beyond surreal. We probably took a hundred photos 😉 😉

It was anti-climactic though since Real Madrid painfully lost at 0-6 to Barcelona. Really, that was one historical match. We were confused whether to be happy since we got to watch or feel sad because the team we were rooting for lost. Note that: 0-6!

Another memorable part of that evening was how shocked we were to hear the audience (mostly Spanish) cursing at the players of the other team. Like really CURSING. This is something that you won’t hear on TV so we really were surprised that supporters were that intense! Haha Nevertherless, it was still a great and memorable night. Definitely one for the books!!! Hala Madrid!

Yay for 3rd Row Seats! 😀

-Khryslyn & Keith-


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