Sleeping Under the Stars in the Sahara Desert


Looking back to this trip, it makes us cringe a bit realizing how risky this journey actually was. Of course, we only realized it after we have done the trip. What if the trip we booked was a scam? What if the tour guides were bad guys? And we were in the middle of nowhere literally. Plus we’re both girls. Anyway, the most important thing is that our mom probably didn’t picture what we were actually up to. She just knew that we were in Morocco. Otherwise she would have had a heart attack. 

The Magnificent Aït Benhaddou on Our Way to the Sahara

Journey Through the Desert 

So we boarded our camel.  What’s cool about it is that camels actually like to sit or lie down, if that’s how you call it. And so we actually didn’t have to climb on to something to be able to ride on its back. We easily positioned ourselves into the saddle. Great! The journey started really well. It was so cool because we were really high above the ground as camels typically stand between 6 to 7 feet. They have really long legs too so when they go downhill in the desert it actually feels that you are about to plunge into the ground. The first few minutes were awesome because we were full of excitement since it was our first time: first time to ride a camel and first time in the Sahara! We honestly thought that it would be an easy breezy ride. But about an hour into the desert, we started to feel uncomfortable and really struggling to keep our bodies in place so as not to fall off. And the strong wind causing the sand to crazily swirl around us was not helping at all. Anyway, the ride took about 2 hours before we finally reach the area where tents were set up for the night! 

Glorious Moroccan Dinner

After taking photos of the beautiful sunset and relaxing for a bit in our assigned tent, we headed directly to the bigger tent where authentic Moroccan dinner was prepared. Other small groups of tourists were also there but not too many people so the experience was really intimate. We were served sumptuous couscous and tagine and they were oh so good! 🙂 Of course, Moroccan tea was definitely in the menu. It’s still our favorite tea until now btw. The ambience was extra special because of the accompanying traditional Moroccan music played live by the locals. So we just chilled and enjoyed as they sang and danced the night away. Oh and did we mention about the bonfire too? Yep incredible night it was! 

Waking up to a Nightmare 

The morning after all the seemingly perfect day that we had was terrible! We woke up to an extreme body pain that we couldn’t imagine going back with our camels again! So it was such a pleasant surprise when our guide told us that he actually brought his car and we can ride it on the way back. Thank God!

Still All Smiles After A Grueling Camel Ride


-Khryslyn & Keith-


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