Moving to Córdoba, Spain

I spent an amazing 5 months in Córdoba as a graduate student. Here are some tips that can help you in dealing with the challenges of moving to this magical city.


Interasmundo, Erasmus Cordoba: This agency offers an efficient and hassle-free way of dealing with accommodation from finding a room to checking out smoothly. There is a one-time 65€ administration fee at the beginning but it’s worth it, needless to say that other companies or platforms also charge in the form of a commission. One room in a shared apartment typically costs around 200€ without the bills. By the way, this is way cheaper than staying at the University residence. Quite surprising, huh?

Check out their Facebook page here.


Walking: Córdoba is small enough to allow you to go anywhere you like within 5 to 30 minutes on foot. You can also take a bus that runs citywide but this quaint and historical place is such a beauty that you wouldn’t mind walking at all. Believe it or not, I never used the public transportation to go around the city during my stay. The only time you will need to take some form of public transportation is when you study at Universidad de Córdoba (Rabanales Campus) which is located outside the city.


Mercadona: Don’t wanna break the bank? It is the place to be for your weekly or monthly grocery shopping that offers a wide range of products and various brands. For sure you will find something that suits to your liking and budget. Plus, it’s the number one supermarket choice of locals. Good quality-price ratio is what Mercadona is best known for. But if you don’t find it within a convenient walking distance from your place, DIA is another supermarket chain that you can check out as well.


República Móvil: While there are numerous mobile phone companies to choose from, República Móvil is a good choice for a local simcard. The rates are generally lower compared to others and they offer plans with reasonable prices as well. But exploring other options is also recommended as the prices among different companies don’t vary that much.

Check out their website here for further information.

Cheers and hope you enjoy your stay as much as I did! 😀



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