Best Travel Apps

Here are some of our recommended mobile apps for a seamless travel experience. We love these apps as they are free, reliable, and user-friendly! is by far our favorite offline map app. It has helped us a lot in our travels to navigate in unfamiliar places when no internet connection is available. It is quite handy when you are travelling by land across different countries.

Download the app here: IOS | Android

metro map


Mapway has been our constant travel companion to find our way inside subways in various cities. It currently has offline subway maps for London, New York, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, and Tokyo, among others.

Download the app here: IOS | Android


Splitwise is perfect for tracking your expenses when travelling with friends and you have to split the bills. Plus, it sends reminders about your pending payables and receivables. How convenient!

Download the app here: IOS | Android

spending trackerSpending Tracker

It is always a good practice to track your expenses and this app makes it easy for you to do just that. We’ve been using this app to help us stick to our budget not just when we travel but on a daily basis.

Download the app here: IOS | Android

goggle translateGoogle Translate 

Plain old google translate actually works offline! Just download the language (52 languages available!) and voila you’ll have your official translator with you even when you don’t have internet. We especially love this app’s instant camera translation feature.

Download the app here: IOS | Android

-Khryslyn & Keith-


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